Icicles – Not the Gutters Fault

Gutters everywhere are uniting. Icicles are not the fault of gutters and they are tired of getting all the blame. Heat loss is the number one reason for ice damning and icicles. You need a few things to have icicles. Snow covered roof, and enough heat loss from the main house to make that snow […]

LEAD Inspections

Certinspectors is now licensed to inspect for Lead.  Recently passed the  EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial 1 day course.  We can now assess a project for Lead, and make recommendations on how it should be handled.   The course is required by all contractors doing any of the labor on the job.  We think that […]

Welcome New Home Inspector

We’d like to welcome the newest member to our Certinspectors team. Apple Valley Home Inspections is our newest addition to the Certinspectors team. We are very excited to Welcome Hank Pauli and his inspection team to our family of certified inspectors. Apple Valley Home Inspections is THE leading home inspection company in the Hudson Valley […]

Two Price Tags

When you make a purchase of most anything, it comes with 2 price tags. The initial purchase price to acquire and then the long term operations cost of the item. This theory is extremely important when you are purchasing a home, or purchasing new utilities or appliances for your home. We’ve talked about the HERS […]

Know Before You Buy

You are about to make the biggest purchase of your life. You’ve done your homework, crunched your numbers, had a home inspection, and are ready to sign your life savings away. Shouldn’t you know what your ongoing expenses are going to be ? Having a home energy audit will show you if you are purchasing […]


The combining of 2 words to make 1 new word is becoming more and more mainstream. Our name is a combination of Certified + Inspectors = Certinspectors. One my favorite words is Spaving. Spending + Saving. The wife uses it when she tells me she bought something because it was such a great deal. “Honey […]

Tax Credit is Back.

As Congress avoided the fiscal cliff this January, the energy efficiency field received a nice boost in potential business. The New Home Energy Efficient Builders Tax credit has been re-instated with updated codes. There is going to a lot of rumors and interpretations of this code, so don’t be fooled. Its great that its back, […]

Successful MA test

Congratulations to Dreamline Modular Homes for successfully passing the MA stretch code testing for their project in Concord MA. The projected score for this 2400 sq ft home was a passing score of 68. Dreamline followed the prescription to a tee and made some of their own improvements. After passing the blower door test and […]

Thief in your Ductwork ?

Duct Leakage Testing Is There a Thief in Your Ductwork? There are more than a million miles of duct work in U.S. homes. And industry experts estimate that more than two-thirds of them are leaky enough to justify sealing or repair. Leaky ducts can significantly increase air conditioning and heating bills, dramatically reduce equipment capacity […]


There is a debate out there as to what is the correct credentials for preparing an unbiased energy audit.   HERS or BPI ?  HERS stands for Home Energy Rater System, there is a week long education classes specifically focused on energy performance and testing of new and existing homes.  HERS raters are not allowed […]