CAZ Testing

CAZ testing.  What’s a CAZ , Does my new home have one ?  Why should it be tested ?  All legit questions.   CAZ  stands for Combustion Appliance Zone.   If you have a fossil fuel burning heating unit,  your new home has a CAZ.  Now, why should you care about it?   Simple,  its a Health and Safety concern.    We will do testing to confirm that your heat producing boiler or furnace is properly venting the flue gases up and out of the home.    A heating unit that is not venting correctly can be back drafting harmful gases back into the home.  Certinspectors has been trained and certified as a CAZ testing company.  During the initial information intake, we will ask where the heating unit is located.  If it is on the same floor as the living area, then a CAZ test will be strongly suggested.