What is MA-Stretch ?

If you are building in Massachusetts, you better know if your town has adopted the MA-Stretch code.  Over half of the cities in MA has adopted it.  What is it ?  Is a energy code that utilizes the HERS index score for you home.  Its fairly simple.  If your home is less than 3000 sq ft, […]


IAQ+LBH=POM (Indoor Air Quality plus Living Breathing Home equals Peace of Mind.) IAQ is a very hot topic in today’s news. Mold is a direct result of moisture and poor ventilation. Summer brings perfect mold growing conditions. The Living Breathing Home label is your assurance that your homes indoor air quality free from pollutants that […]

What is the HERS Index?

What is the HERS Index Score? The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index was established in 2006 by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), a California-based national association of home energy raters and energy-efficiency mortgage lenders. The lower a home’s HERS Index, the more efficient the home. Today, the HERS Index is the industry standard […]

Indoor Air Quality

The EPA is finally getting the big picture. Below is a cut and paste from the EPA’s last e-mail blast they sent out. What it doesn’t say is that they still do not require a Heat Recovery Ventilation machine. The Living Breathing Home address all of the EPA’s concerns, and more. Read on….. “Indoor Air […]