I know my home is leaky, it needs to breathe doesn’t it ?

It is very true that homes need to breathe. However, if you home was built pre 2000, then it will be almost impossible to eliminate enough leaks to get into that danger zone. The average home tests between 10-15 Air exchanges per hour (ACH), and some homes are un-testable. The danger zone is when that number gets below 5 ACH. Almost impossible to do unless the home is being totally rebuilt. To be concerned that you could over tighten an existing home shouldn’t be a worry. You should be worried about all the heat that is escaping thru all the “breathing” areas.

Is the testing free?  Can’t I get a Free energy audit from NYS?

We all learned in school that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This applies to the “free” audit that is being promoted. The goal is to get into your home, find the trouble spots, and hand you an estimate to fix all the problems.  Then you’ll get the hard sell, that you can re-coup the costs of repairs with your energy savings. Partially true. Some fixes, can be so expensive that the pay back can be 20 years. Certinspectors will do a thorough walk thru and make recommendations on areas that should get some attention. Very often it can be a do it yourself project, couple of cans of foam, and your pay back will be almost immediate. For the jobs that are too big for a D.I.Y., Certinspectors has qualified contractors that we have used before and trust to do an excellent job.

My home is 50 years old, it’s a lost cause.

Not true. Old homes can benefit from air sealing as much as newer homes. Air leaks don’t discriminate. The more holes you can fill the more heat you can keep in.

Can I use Duct tape to seal up my ductwork?

You would think so, but the grey tape we all know and love isn’t recommended for ductwork. The grey tape will breakdown overtime and fall off. We recommend a combination of  foil duct tape made for ductwork, or our favorite is a product called Mastic. You get it at the plumbing supply house.  Gloves are a must. It’s messy, and will make your ductwork not look pretty, but it fills every gap and will make never breakdown. If you choose to use a tube caulk, it must be a silicone based caulk that will not dry out over time.