There is a debate out there as to what is the correct credentials for preparing an unbiased energy audit.   HERS or BPI ?  HERS stands for Home Energy Rater System, there is a week long education classes specifically focused on energy performance and testing of new and existing homes.  HERS raters are not allowed to solicit work from their inspections, and if they do, they must get a disclaimer signed before the inspection can begin.  Its part of the HERS code of ethics.   BPI is the Building Performance Institute.  This too is a week long of classes with a focus on building performance, focused on growing a business.  A BPI certified contractor will do an audit, but will also do an estimate to fix what they find.   Certinspectors believe this is a conflict of interest.  Our business model is to find the problems, educate the homeowner, and make suggestions on fixes.  Our model is closer to the Home Inspectors business model.   Our Home Inspectors are not allowed to solicit work either.  Both inspectors are highly trained, tested, certified, and licensed.  Both will be an asset in determining the best way to improve your homes energy performance.  We think an unbiased approach is best for all parties.  Only a HERS rater can provide the HERS certification required for building permits and CO’s.