Home Heat Loss Analysis

Measure Up Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Why not optimize your home for comfort and efficiency? We’ve learned that many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the number of upgrade or improvement solutions to consider. They quickly find out what builders already know:  Many energy inspectors have training or certification in only one specialty and most work for companies that also hope to sell a”solution” to you.

This is an infrared heat picture of a house that shows dramatic heat-loss (red/yellow) due to leaks that go unseen and therefore unfixed. With an inspection done by Certinspectors the heat loss detected in your home will be resolved, maximizing you’re homes energy efficiency, thus saving you a cost.

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Certinspectors is here. For less than the price of one replacement window we’ll find the cracks in your home’s energy efficiency that can deliver you the most savings.We gather and hold all the inspection licenses related to the state and federal regulations, and the most current knowledge of home energy industry technology and standards. We’ll get you the information you need about your home before you make costly energy efficiency commitments.

Experienced at training builders in the very technologies and inspections we offer you, we’ll help you keep builders and contractors on track with the goals and priorities you set for your home improvement project.

Independent, Unbiased Home Inspections

Call Certinspectors for independent, unbiased, state-of-the-art inspection based on current state and federal regulations. We’ll tell you how your home measures up to the latest standards for energy efficiency, safety certifications, and more.