Home Inspections


Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I have a pre-purchase inspection done?

Knowledgeable home buyers realize that the purchase of a house is probably the biggest single investment they will make. As a result it only makes sense that they should seek out professionals whose job it is to objectively evaluate key components of a house and its property and give unbiased, expert opinions designed to better inform the buyer so that they can make educated, confident decisions.

Will I be able to understand the report and what it means?

We at Certinspectors  prepare user friendly, easily understood, computer generated reports using pictures and language that everyone can understand.  1600 + item checklist are reviewed on every inspection.  We don’t consider a job completed until all the client’s questions and concerns are answered.

Do I need to be present at the inspection?

While this is not necessary, the client is strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the inspection. Most people find it to be a most enlightening and informative process to which they can have any specific concerns or questions immediately addressed.

Is the report going to pick apart and perhaps scare me away from a house I’m interested in?

Absolutely Not! Although no home is perfect and it should be understood that even the most well built homes have deficiencies and the need for maintenance, a good home inspector will put in perspective any problems that may be found. Equally important, a good home inspector will point out the positive, but often overlooked features that all homes possess.

Why Choose Certinspectors ?

Unfortunately, many people without specific home inspection credentials offer inspection services; likewise, credentials are not always what they seem. Engineering and architectural credentials alone do not prepare anyone to competently inspect homes and communicate the findings. A superior home inspector is one who is experienced in all phases of home construction, a generalist whose knowledge of the building trade is fully encompassing.

Scott Saso, the Inspection Specialist for Certinspectors has over 30 in the building trades.  He has spent the last 12 of those years training, and gaining certification in all phases of construction.  He holds 3 of the most recognized inspection titles available today.  He is a NYS Licnesed Home Inspector, A BPI  Building analyst, specializing in energy efficiency, and a RESNET approved Home Energy Rater.   Making him one the most decorated Home Inspectors in the business.

No house passes or fails a home inspection. Our goal is to educate and inform the client as to the condition of the house. Possible problems and positive aspects of the house are given equal consideration so that the buyer can be assured of making a well informed decision and avoid future surprises. Likewise, if a pre-listing inspection is performed for the seller, that person is relieved of any closing delays caused by any hidden or unknown problems.

A normal inspection takes approximately 3 hours of in-field time much of which is spent with the Seller  present.  A personalized computer generated report will be e-mailed to the Seller with in 24 hours.  Additional test results may take additional time for outside lab results.