Know Before You Buy


You are about to make the biggest purchase of your life. You’ve done your homework, crunched your numbers, had a home inspection, and are ready to sign your life savings away. Shouldn’t you know what your ongoing expenses are going to be ? Having a home energy audit will show you if you are purchasing an energy hog or a well oiled heating machine. When you buy a car, you know the MPG right? A HERS Index Score is the MPG of the home. The lower the score the better. You can ask your home inspector to add an energy consult to his inspection report. If they don’t offer it, they can easily find a HERS rate that can help. If the HERS rater finds problems, it will help you negotiate your purchase price or get the buyer to fix problems before you take ownership. With the cost of fuel and electric on the rise, heating and cooling a home must be part of the budget. Certinspectors will work with any home inspector and give a written report that can be added top their report for the bank.