LEAD Inspections

lead safeCertinspectors is now licensed to inspect for Lead.  Recently passed the  EPA Lead Renovators Certification Initial 1 day course.  We can now assess a project for Lead, and make recommendations on how it should be handled.   The course is required by all contractors doing any of the labor on the job.  We think that people should want to know if there is lead even before a project person is hired.  Certinspectors will come and do a scratch test and determine if there is lead, and can help make sure that the contractor you hire is also a Lead licensed contractor.   Lead is nasty and if you have kids, its nothing to mess around with.   If you are thinking of changing windows and have pained windows pre-1978 then you MUST have the test done.  EPA is very serious about Lead.  If a contractor is found in violation fines start at $37,500 per incident, per day.  The test is simple and piece of mind alone is worth testing.  Certinspectors can and will help.