New Construction Inspections

249Building a New Home ?

Certinspectors hold the certification as a Home Energy Rater  (HERs).   New building codes require testing of both Air Leakage on the Structure and Ductwork.  2 very different tests.   The Air Leakage test is conducted with a blower door apparatus.   Building code requires passing this test before a CO can be issued.   Duct leakage is optional if the town requires this test.  If your town does require the test, Certinspectors has the necessary equipment and certification to conduct this test as well.  Whatever testing your town requires we can complete.


A Home Buyers’ Guarantee

A Certified Living Breathing Home is the home buyers’ guarantee that their new energy efficient certified home provides optimal indoor air quality, by way of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) that expels biological and chemical contaminants from indoor air, and draws in fresh oxygen-rich air from outside.

Fresh Clean Air In Every Room

This Living Breathing Home program has been created to ensure you that this home is designed to provide fresh, clean indoor air to every room of the house without compromising the energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

Installing a HRV Costs Nothing

As a new home buyer, you can include the cost of an HRV in your mortgage. The small increase in your mortgage payment is usually offset by the energy savings generated by an efficient HRV*.

* Based on typical energy recovery properties of an HRV with an aluminum heat exchange core.

Energy Efficiency

With a proven ability to recover energy, HRVs are specified by energy efficient certification programs as the required principal exhaust fan in all single detached homes.