The combining of 2 words to make 1 new word is becoming more and more mainstream. Our name is a combination of Certified + Inspectors = Certinspectors. One my favorite words is Spaving. Spending + Saving. The wife uses it when she tells me she bought something because it was such a great deal. “Honey it was on Sale” Spaving at its best. Well its time to start spaving on your home. Gotta spend some to save a lot. Certinspectors can evaluate your home and recommend fiscally responsible upgrades to your home. Why spend $8,000 on new windows, when you could get a better return at adding $1500 worth of more insulation in your attic. Its called return on investment. How long will it take to “get your money back” and start saving money. Some fixes are cheap and the ROI is immediate. Sealing common air leaks in a home can be a inexpensive Do It Yourself project and results will be same day. So before you think about changing windows, or a new furnace, give Certinspectors a call and let the professions help you Spave your money wisely.