Successful MA test

Congratulations to Dreamline Modular Homes for successfully passing the MA stretch code testing for their project in Concord MA. The projected score for this 2400 sq ft home was a passing score of 68. Dreamline followed the prescription to a tee and made some of their own improvements. After passing the blower door test and ductblaster tests with flying colors, their final certified HERS index score was 61. A five star plus level. Many builders are intimidated by the MA Stretch code more and more towns are adopting. Dreamline Modular Homes, with the help of Certinspectors is embracing the code and is strongly considering making the MA Stretch their own standard for all homes. “Scott made the process simple, was there for any questions we had, and came and did the house testing himself. That is a huge help to us and eliminated the stress we’ve had on previous projects. Keeping up with the constantly changing codes in Massachusetts is time consuming. Scott and his Certinspectors team has taken that burden off us.” D. Carlson, Dreamline Modular Homes

Thanks Dreamline and we look forward to doing many more projects in the upcoming new year