Tax Credit is Back.

As Congress avoided the fiscal cliff this January, the energy efficiency field received a nice boost in potential business. The New Home Energy Efficient Builders Tax credit has been re-instated with updated codes. There is going to a lot of rumors and interpretations of this code, so don’t be fooled. Its great that its back, but it still has its challenges. Challenges Certinspectors will absolutely be able to help with. Its labeled as a “Builders” Tax Credit. The fact is, the Tax Credit goes to the “Eligible Contractor”. That is defined by the IRS as the person who as “basis” in the project during construction. Simple terms? Whoever owns the property and is paying for the construction gets the Tax Credit. 2013 Tax Credit is up to $2000. The bonus here is that it is retro back to all 2012 Homes built. Whats the catch? the IRS will require that a qualified 3rd party certifier provide paperwork that proves the home passes the allowable codes. That’s us. Certinspectors is an insured Home Energy Rater, qualified to perform the test and issue the required forms. We are ready , willing and able to help you get all of the tax credits you deserve. Give us call and we’ll be glad to help. We will be uploading Form 8908 to our reference page soon as the form is available.