Thermal Imaging

450_House_front Thermal Footprint owner and president, Eric Flavin, is a Certified Infrared Thermographer. His images are eye catching for sure, but they also are full of information. Information about what is happening behind the walls. Blower doors and ductblasters will pinpoint air leakage in construction and ductwork, but a infrared image can show whats happening behind the drywall. Thermal Footprint is the Thermal Imaging expert for Certinspectors. Other inspection companies have their own Infrared camera and will use their pictures as scare tactics. We at Certinspectors recognize the specialization and extensive training a Thermographer must go through to get his credentials. So we aligned our company with a specialist. Erics camera costs in excess of $10,000. The images he can produce are second to none and incomparable to the $1500 camera many inspectors are using. 387_Light_sidebyside Eric and his trusty camera can find leaks in roofs, can see thru concrete to see how a radiant floor is operating, he can even use his camera to look into the body of a horse and see joint issues before they get to danger levels. His training has prepared him to use his camera as a surgical tool to find the cause of heat loss. No cutting open walls and hoping to find a problem. If you are interested in having a thermal image of your home and see whats happening behind the walls, you can contact Eric Flavin direct or through our website.
Thermal FootPrint
Eric Flavin