Who Needs Us?

Certinspectors provides diagnostics for building officials, modular home manufacturers, professional contractors, and homeowners. We possess the knowledge and licenses needed to conduct home assessments quickly and efficiently. Let us help you make your home more safe and more energy efficient today.

1. Building Officials

  • Licensed HERS rater for all Energy Star required certifications
  • Provide certified HERS Index score as required per town
  • Blower door test and report to satisfy code 2010 ECCC 402.4.2 Air Sealing and Insulation
  • Duct testing and report to satisfy code 2010 ECCC 403.2.1 and 403.2.2 Ducts, Sealing and Insulation
  •  MA Stretch code permit reports, inspections, testing, and certification

2. Modular Home Manufactures

  • SBRA approved Modular Home Plant Certifier and Rater
  • Satisfy MA Stretch Code inspection needs
  • All Energy Star Certification needs
  • Consulting to maximize energy construction techniques

3. Professional Contractors

  • Licensed Home Energy Rater for required Energy Start Certifications and HERS Index scores
  • Blower Door and Duct testing as required for 2010 Energy Code
  • Consulting for new construction and insulation techniques
  • Expert in Indoor Air Quality for new construction
  • Updates on Energy Codes
  • Rebate assistance

4. Homeowners

  • Licensed HERS rater for required town.
  • Consultant to ensure home is being built to current codes
  • Blower door test to find all air leaks in existing homes
  • Duct testing to ensure ducts are sealed correctly.
  • Optimize Home for energy efficiency with Do It Yourself suggestions